Pile Run Protection

Sudden free fall of the piles during pile hammering due to layering in the soil, so called pile runs or pile drops, is an increasing concern in the industry. The snap loads following pile runs can be very high, exposing both personnel and equipment to high risk.
pile run protection

Cranemaster benefits

  • Protection of crane and rigging against snap loads during piling.
  • Special Cranemaster® shock absorbers developed in cooperation with key players in the industry.
  • Expensive interruptions in the piling process can be avoided.

Pile run with and without Cranemaster®

The simulation shows an example for a pile hammer (weight in air 300 ton). The hammer falls a distance of 0,8 meter, and is then stopped by the crane wire.

Without Cranemaster® (to the right):
Snap load = 964 ton
Significant ringing effect in the crane and the pile hammer

With Cranemaster® (to the left):
Snap load = 513 ton
Ringing eliminated

Examples of pile runs / pile drops

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