Expanding your capabilities

Mounted between the hook and the load, Cranemaster® shock absorbers and heave compensators expands your vessel capabilities while protecting your crane, lifted object and personnel. The result is improved operational weather window, reduced probability of snap loads and reduced heave motion.

Products & Services

Cranemaster® Units

View our broad range of shock absorbers and heave compensators.

Engineering Services

Cranemaster has the experience, knowledge and tools to perform a wide variety of engineering services.

Offshore Handling & Assistance

Up-ending frames, shackle options and unique solution for rigging height reduction.

Application Areas

Shock Absorption

Enables operations in harsher weather conditions.

Splash Zone Crossing

Reduction of dynamic forces in crane and payload trough the splash zone.

Pile Run Protection

Reduced risk in piling operations.

Subsea Landing

Securing smooth landing of subsea structures.

Load Chart Improvement

Reduce cost by minimizing rig downtime.

Tension Control

Absorption of forces in crane and wire.

Subsea Retrieval

Safe and efficient recovery of subsea objects. Constant tensioning system, with dampening once the object is loose from the sea floor.

Resonance Avoidance

Avoidance of uncontrolled dynamic forces and escalating movements of load during deep water operations.

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