Load Chart

Utilizing a Cranemaster shock absorber enables rig cranes to maintain high lifting capacity despite increasing wave heights. Up to 95% of the dynamic forces will be absorbed by the shock absorber, protecting both crane and load and giving a smooth operator experience. We can recalculate your load chart taking the dynamic load reduction into account. The new and improved load chart can further be verified by 3rd party.

Operational Challenges

  • Reduced lifting capacity at increasing wave heights.
  • Potential damage to rig crane and load due to dynamic forces at high sea states.

Cranemaster Benefits

  • Increased weather window for your lifting operations.
  • Lifting capacity maintained despite increasing wave heights.
  • Increased rig utilization through improved operability.
  • Protection of crane, rigging and load at lift-off.
  • Easy mounting and handling.
  • Smooth and efficient crane operator experience.

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Ready for lift-off.
The Cranemaster unit with shackles in both ends can be hung in the existing crane hook.
Impacts from load absorbed before transferred to the crane.
Protection of both crane and load.