Engineering Support — Flexible solutions at your service

Cranemaster supports customers with analysis and engineering services for a variety of offshore crane and lifting operations worldwide, whether it be a small-scale calculation, a complex dynamic simulation, a feasibility report demonstrating the potential benefit of using a Cranemaster or an independent analysis. With a track record of close to 1000 successful projects and more than 35 years of offshore heavy lift experience, the Cranemaster Team are ready for any challenge!

Product Development

  • Mechatronic Design (CAD)

    • Front end innovation

    • 3D modeling

    • Technical drawings

  • Engineering Analysis (CAE)

    • Hand calculations

    • Structural Analysis (FEA)

Operational Engineering & Analysis

  • Motion Analysis (OrcaFlex)

    • Heavy lift analysis — Calculation of forces in crane, load and rigging for all critical phases

    • Operational weather window calculations

    • Feasibility analysis

    • Mooring analysis

  • Improved load chart calculations


  • Independent advice

  • Third party engineering reviews

Fully equipped facilities

  • Heave motion simulator

  • In-house cranes

  • Hyperbaric test chambers

  • Load test benches

  • Direct access to quayside

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