Cranemaster will be a positive contribution to your decommissioning activities in reducing cost and increasing weather window for lifting operations.
When removing an object from a platform or from subsea using a crane vessel, the Cranemaster® unit will compensate for heave motions and remove potential snap loads and slack slings. For subsea operations, motion may also be reduced significantly, depending on the shape of the object. During the cutting operation, the Cranemaster® unit may also be used to provide a near constant tension in the crane wire independent of the vessel movement.

实例探究 – 油气


拆除 420 公吨海上桥梁结构物

客户挑战: 在北海 420 公吨的大型海上桥梁结构物的拆除过程中保护起重机和结构物免受负载冲击。 Cranemaster 解决方案: Cranemaster® 装置,SWL 为 600 公吨,伸缩量为 3 米。 详情: 避免了撞击导向装置和保险杠造成的潜在负载冲击以及结构物的短程“自由下落”造成的负载冲击。 作业是由全球石油天然气行业中领先的海事承包商执行,并已按计划完成。

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