Subsea Retrieval

Safe and efficient recovery of subsea objects.

Operational Challenges

  • Retrieval of objects from the sea floor may cause large forces in the crane and wire due to a combination of vessel movement and suction forces.

Cranemaster Benefits

  • Absorption of forces in crane and wire, preventing direct coupling between load and boom-tip movement.

  • Works as a constant tensioning system, but with added dampening once object is loose from the sea floor.

  • Overload protection during removal.

Cranemaster tuning

Cranemaster® units will typically be tuned such that it has zero stroke at static weight of the object in water. The stiffness of the system will be varied according to the expected suction forces, while the dampening will be relatively large to absorb rapid release of the object from the sea floor.

Retrieval of suction anchor. Cranemaster® is used to protect the crane from overload.

Cranemaster® in action during removal of suction anchor.

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客户挑战: MV Rena 在丰盛湾的 Otaiti (Astrolabe Reef) 触礁后,此事故成为新西兰最严重的海上环境灾难之一。 清理过程不但困难而且有风险。 Cranemaster 解决方案: Cranemaster 在清理残骸之前协助进行了计算和起重模拟。 实际操作时,在切割和起吊残骸住宿区的上半部分时使用了两个 Cranemaster® 被动型海浪补偿器(SWL 400 吨)对船只移动进行补偿。 操作期间 Cranemaster 还为服务技术人员提供了协助。 详情: 关于 Rena 沉船清理工作的更多信息请见。 [...]

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