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Covid-19 update

2020-04-06T13:19:11+01:00Company News|

Like so many others, we also take all necessary measures to slow down the spread of the COVID-19 virus. For the safety of both the Cranemaster Team and our customers, most of us will be working remotely until further notice in order to ensure business continuity. Thanks to Microsoft Teams, Skype and other sharing [...]

Mudmat safely installed in deep waters

2019-01-18T14:43:05+01:00Products, Company News|

Cranemaster was recently used for deployment of a large mudmat (13,75 x 13,75 meter) at 1788 meter in the Gulf of Mexico. For ease of operation, the mudmat was deployed horizontally.Considerations to be handled by CranemasterThe unit should have enough load capacity to support the dynamic loads during all phases of the installation.The length of [...]

Cranemaster partners with Unique Group to extend presence in the Middle East and India

2018-08-28T10:47:11+01:00Company News|

We are happy to inform that since November 2016, Unique Group, with its head office in Sharjah, UAE, has been added to our highly valued group of Cranemaster representatives. Unique Group will take on the role as agent for the UAE, India and the rest of the Asian market. Unique Group is offering engineering, [...]