Shock Absorption

Remove peak loads in crane and rigging.

Operational Challenges

  • Dynamic load on crane or load at lift-off for lifts in air.

  • Limited operational weather window because of harsh weather conditions.

  • Any operation where peak loads may arise, in air and subsea.

  • Potential re-entry of load being lifted represents a significant risk.

Cranemaster Benefits

  • Increasing the operational weather window of the lifting operation.

  • Protection of crane and lifted structure in all lifting phases by reducing the dynamic amplification factor (DAF).

  • Immediate response to potential dangerous loads.

  • Enabling crane to maintain its lifting capacity at increased wave height.

Cranemaster® protects the crane and the lifted structure by reducing the dynamic amplification factor (DAF) in all lifting phases.

Offloading from a supply vessel or barge with and without Cranemaster®

Manifold weight: 50T • Significant wave height (Hs): 2.0m • Wave period (Tz): 8sec. • Hoisting speed: 0.3 m/s.

This Orcaflex simulation shows a lift-off situation from a barge. The crane is sitting on a fixed platform, but the principles are the same also if the crane is mounted on a moving vessel.

Without Cranemaster® (to the left):
Significant snap load during lift-off, in this case around 85T. This corresponds to a DAF of 1.7.

With Cranemaster® (to the right):
Snap load is avoided and the DAF is reduced to around 1.1.

For cranes with a slow lifting speed, there may be a risk of re-contact between the structure and the barge. Some Cranemaster® units can be equipped with a quick-lift system which will pull in the piston and thereby avoiding the re-contact.

Cranemaster Shock absorption Shock absorber

Shock absorption since 1983

The first applications of Cranemaster® units back in the early 1980s were related to shock absorption and since then small units with SWL of a few ton up to large units with SWL of 500 ton have been developed.

Please contact us for discussions of specially designed Cranemaster® units used for shock absorption.


MOB boats, lifeboats and NORSOK R-002

Over the years Cranemaster has delivered a number of different units for deployment/retrieval of MOB, work boats, and lifeboats. In the NORSOK R-002, edition 2. issued in September 2012 there are strict rules for shock absorption during lifting of MOB boats and lifeboats.

Cranemaster® is an excellent solution to these requirements, and is well suited in cases where the use of elastic pennant is impractical or does not give sufficient dampening.

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